Climate change drives humanitarian need. But providing relief and recovery services is energy intensive, especially when performed at an industrial scale.

It's time to green the international aid system.


Footprint's service model combines sustainability consulting with clean energy deployment so every humanitarian organization can fulfill their commitment to first do no harm, and every affected community can build back better.

Our beta impact calculator is up and running, give it a try!

Our Projects


Summer 2018

We worked with BoxPower and Mutual Aid Disaster Relief to power a resilience center serving 3,200 people in Puerto Rico.



Spring 2018

We partnered with Solar Libre to support the installation of a 4kw array with 12kwh of storage for a community kitchen in Puerto Rico.



Fall 2017

We deployed a 3kw array with 10kwh of storage to power lights and refridgeration at Black Rock City's main health facility.

Step 1: Prototype


We are integrating environmental impact calculators with humanitarian logistics software to build a simple, effective platform for evaluating energy use in humanitarian response.


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Step 2: Partner


We are working with humanitarian organizations to test our service model by developing sustainability metrics, deploying renewable energy systems and reporting progress to donors.


Step 3: Develop


We intend to make Footprint the go-to platform to track and transition humanitarian response off diesel. So that every organization can ensure their interventions do no harm, and every affected community can develop through disaster.


The FootprinT Project started at a hackathon...

Four strangers came together to tackle environmental degradation in humanitarian interventions. Leveraging our combined experience in disaster first response, data science, and UX/UI, we turned out to make a pretty good team. Because thirty-six hours (and almost as many coffees) later, we pitched our idea, and won.


 Will Heegaard, Director

Will Heegaard, Director

 Tom Matkovits, Operations

Tom Matkovits, Operations

 John Goeppinger, Development

John Goeppinger, Development

Will Heegaard sees every disaster as an opportunity to build back greener. A  registered paramedic, Will responded with International Medical Corps to Typhoon Haiyan, then deployed solar refrigeration in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak. Domestically, Will’s been on the ground with Team Rubicon after disasters in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico. When he’s not on an ambulance or in the field, he likes to cook, write, travel and tinker on his off-grid tiny house. 

Tom Matkovits is a seasoned construction professional with over 20 years of commercial construction project management experience, both domestically and abroad. Tom has served in senior level disaster response and reconstruction roles in Haiti and the Philippines, with the American Refugee Committee and World Vision. Prior to joining Footprint, Tom wrapped up his first stint in the renewable energy sector, overseeing the completion of 7MW of community solar garden projects in the Twin Cities area.


John Goeppinger has acted as a "grant mercenary" for a number of nonprofits throughout Minnesota. To date, John has successfully secured more than $10 million in philanthropic, governmental, corporate, and individual gifts. John's passion for communicating convoluted concepts has given him the opportunity to work on projects ranging from environmental protection, to recidivism, to STEM focused educational programming.



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