Rampart Emergency Medical Services

Black rock city, nevada


background information

Rampart is a remote temporary health clinic that treats an average 2,000 patients a week and serves as the primary emergency medical center for Burning Man’s Black Rock City. Located two hours from definitive care, the facility includes a critical care unit, primary care bay, and laboratory and x-ray services. The clinic has traditionally used on-site generators to meet power needs.

Rampart’s annual set-up and demobilization mirrors health resource deployment for disaster relief and refugee services. It provides a unique environment to test innovations in semi-permanent, renewable power systems for emergency medical systems in a controlled setting. We apply the lessons learned from deploying renewable microgrids at Rampart to bring sustainable power to those who need it most.

Zatari Refugee Camp, Jordan  Pop: ~79,000

Zatari Refugee Camp, Jordan

Pop: ~79,000

Black Rock City, Nevada  Pop: ~80,000

Black Rock City, Nevada

Pop: ~80,000



Year 1 - 2017

For our flagship project, Footprint deployed a 3kW mobile solar array with 10kWh lithium ion battery storage to offset diesel use. The system powered the clinic’s lighting and refrigeration.



Year 2 - 2018

Building off our successful 2017 pilot project, volunteers returned to the desert to deploy 3kW of traditional solar panels, a 1.8kW thin-film solar shelter and 10.8kWh of storage. The system powered lighting, refrigeration, aircon and outlets for the medical triage site.


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