Emergency Management Office

Vieques, puerto rico


background information

The Emergency Management Office of Vieques (OMME) serves as the primary dispatch center, ambulance bay, emergency planning, operations and coordination center for the island of Vieques.


Hurricane Maria severed the undersea electrical cable connecting Vieques to Puerto Rico’s grid in 2017. Since then, three 2MW diesel generators burn an average of 8,000 gallons of diesel every day to meet the islands energy needs. Local officials estimate repairing the undersea electrical cable will take five years. If diesel transport is interrupted between Puerto Rico’s mainland and Vieques, all dependent infrastructure, including OMME, is at risk of going dark.

Program Plan

Building off our initial assessment, we are working with local community partners in Vieques to plan, scope and install microgrids for critical resilience infrastructure.

Key activities for this project include:

  1. Partner Coordination: Bring implementing partners together for community needs assessments and strategy meetings.

  2. Energy Load Survey: Collect power audits, map demand, and review data.

  3. System Design: Select hybrid system to meet site energy loads with grid-tie capability for future integration.

  4. Material Procurement: Source donated materials as available; procure additional equipment as needed from local solar entrepreneurs.

  5. Installation: Contract local solar entrepreneurs to mount and install system.

  6. Maintenance Training: Collaborate with high schools, colleges, and job-training organizations, to build local capacity for monitoring and maintenance.

  7. Credit Assignment: Connect installed system to the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System for long-term revenue generation.

  8. Monitoring and Evaluation: Review program goals and outcomes with community members, report progress to donors.