Projecto de Apoyo Mutuo de Mariana

Humacao, Puerto Rico


background information

Born in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Proyecto de Apoyo Mutuo (Mutual Aid Project) provides direct, peer-to-peer resiliency services to residents in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Based in Mariana, a mountain community of 3,160 people, the Proyecto de Apoyo Mutuo (PAM) currently runs a distribution hub, farming cooperative and coworking space. The organization operates as part of ARECMA, a local non-profit with thirty-five years of experience organizing community events in Humacao and Yabucoa. PAM Mariana is part of a network of mutual aid recovery groups serving vulnerable populations across Puerto Rico.



Building Back Better

Footprint worked with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and BoxPower to deploy a containerized solar microgrid (16kW solar array, 80kWh battery storage, 24kW back-up generator) to power PAM Mariana’s “Center of Imagination,” which houses a laundromat, art therapy space, communal kitchen, library and shelter. Installed in May, PAM Mariana’s solar microgrid will lay the groundwork for distributed renewable energy throughout the municipality.


Project Partners